Friday, February 22, 2008

More Civil War Blocks, & A Shop Sample

A few more Civil War blocks I made yesterday. If you would like to see who else is working on the Civil War Blocks, check on the SEW MANY BLOCKS on my side bar.

Severe Fighting
Pleasant Camping
Beautiful Picture

Jersey Boy
With dentist appointment and errands to run today I only had a small amount of time to spend in the sewing room, I used the time preparing a few more blocks so they will be ready to sew.

With no directions to follow some of the blocks are a bit intimidating, some of them look down right hard.

I did pick up freezer paper today, to draft the blocks on, may make some of them a bit easier. Some of them I will paper piece as the book suggest.

While I was out and about I stopped at the quilt shop, Mary had a new sample she wants me to make. Looks like I will be getting a little more practice on scalloped borders. I will be using a new line of Moda called "Fruit Cocktail", it will be pretty for spring I think.
I have another funeral to attend tomorrow, so I won't be getting much done, then either.

Sunday afternoons are pretty well taken up with Nascar, I am about to finish hand quilting the friendship star quilt "Working Through The Blues"if they don't have to many accidents Sunday during the race I may get it finished.

Bren over at Pieces From Me, wanted everyone that is working on the Civil War quilt blocks to pick up this award from her. Thank You Bren, you are a very generous person.

Wonderful they have spell chck fixed, thanks guys.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Your blocks are looking great. Please tell me about that cool collage at the top of your post.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful! I agree about some of them looking pretty intimidating. I am not fond of foundation piecing, and having to mark the numbers myself. Have you thought about getting the CD?

  3. Your CW blocks look wonderful! I joined in on the fun today and ordered my book. Now to wait until it arrives!

  4. Your CW blocks look great. Would love to know who the author is of the book on Civil War - 'created equal', coudn't make out the name on the photo ;( Is it a nice book?
    Happy quilting, Helen

  5. your blocks are wonderful
    Love that new quilt sample your going to make for the shop.
    beautiful fabric choices. will look forward to seeing this quilt in those fabrics.

  6. Love your blocks...that shop sample is going to be so cute...that fabric really does look like spring.

  7. Enjoy the race! Sounds like it is a great time for you to do some serious handwork. Love the blocks you're working on.