Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rearrangement AKA I like Changes

Did a little spring update on my "office" sitting room. I changed the quilt on the day bed and moved my rocker into the corner, it is a better placement there to display quilts on. I hung my Log Cabin quilt back up, it is always my favorite on this wall.
I went from this, to this, then to this
But I like to change with the seasons.I changed my office chair, from this

Now to this

In addition to working on the civil war blocks and attending 2 funerals, this week I also finished the tote bag, I am not real happy with it. The bag was fun to make but it is so floppy I need to find something to make these bags a little more stable. What do you use?

(I spent 1/2 hour trying to figure out why this paragraph has lines under it, decided it just doesn't matter)

and made a bag for my laptop.

I kinda winged it on the laptop bag, I had purchased a pattern but it looked so complicated I decided not to use it. This one will be just fine, I don't anticipate needing it very often as I seldom go any where that I need a computer

Happy Quilting!


  1. I LOVE the log cabin on the wall. Log cabins (and that layout) are my favorite and I have never made one...just a block in a sampler or two.
    What a beautiful office.
    Your bags are both wonderful. I use a heavier interfacing in my bags just for that reason.

  2. You have a very beautiful Log Cabin quilt. This one you should be prowd of..
    It looks stunning on your wall.

  3. I am going to do rearranging in my sewing room today - I like to shake it up. Love your laptop bag.

  4. I do really like the log cabin quilt there. It is very complimentary to the rest of the room and really adds significance to that wall. And how nice to have a wall to display quilts that is clear all the way to the floor.

  5. lovely log cabin and it looks great there on that wall.

  6. kinda winged it on the laptop bag...because you used bird fabric? or you didn't have a pattern?

    Very clever carry all. I need something like this for my hand stitching.


  7. The log cabin quilt in your wall is totally awesome....

  8. Your Log cabin quilt is gorgeous!
    and you laptop case is so cute.
    I enjoy reading this post because I have "gotta change" person AKA dear hubby in my house.*LOL*
    Gee... you are just like my hubby.*S*

  9. To make bags that hold a shape better, I use a layer of the thickest fusible I can find. It has been ages since I last made a bag and can't find any leftovers in my supply box, but it might even be some stuff made for home decor rather than garments. I use a double layer if I want extra heavy stiffness (like in the strap/handle). Good luck. The bag looks terrific!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog, now I found yours! ;-)

    You can put some stiff interfacing in your bag to make it less floppy. Timtex or something like that works pretty well. Or use a batting like warm and natural and quilt the heck out of it to stiffin it up a bit.

    I love that bag with the on point squares...very nice.