Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday nights' disappoinment.

I was in a tither all day yesterday waiting for the Nascar season opener at Daytona.
It is a short race 60 laps I think, they call it the "Shoot Out", it was to air at 6pm in my time zone.

I made all my phone calls, hung out my DO NOT DISTURB sign.
I watched all the preshow events on the Speed channel, with excitement building , at 6 PM sharp I switched to Fox channel 12, the damn screen was BLANK, with a message that read. Don't bother to call us we are aware of the problem and are working on it.
Well they didn't work fast enough because the station was off all night and all day today. I was really dissapointed to miss this race.
I did try to call them, of course they didn't answer, I'm sure they had there phone off the hook.
I was finally able to find the audio on the Nascar site, so I did get to listen to the last part of the race.

Dale Jr was the winner, I feel like he really deserved a win, he really struggled all last year. Dale has a new sponser a new car, a new look and a new number, but I wasn't able to see his new look , BECAUSE MY SCREEN WAS BLANKDo you here me FOX channel 12?.

My favorite driver, a West Coast boy from Washington State is Kasy Kane, he has the same number this year but he has Dale Jr's old sponser Budwieser, so I didn't get to see his new look either,he did finish in the top 10 somewhere.

I became a Nascar fan about 4 years ago when Kasey was a rookie, ( just look at that sweeet face) I have been excited about following the races ever since.
My brother and I always have long talks about the races, he knows the history of all the drivers and events.
The Daytona 500 is next Sunday, if the station is having any trouble this week I will be knocking on thier door, and contacting Nascar.


  1. Bad luck about the car racing. If you look on my blog you'll see I have tagged you. Join in if you want to. No problem if you don't. Happy stitching.

  2. My Dad is a HUGE Nascar fan. Never misses a race. I will have to ask him today about the race Saturday. I assume it was not broadcast here either.

  3. What a Bummer, Janet... Do have satellite TV??? I don't understand how they can get away with it...

  4. Found your blog by accident. What a wonderful combination: quilts and NASCAR. Two of my favorite hobbies. Thanks for sharing.
    Gena - Dallas, TX