Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This feels so good.

I could do somersaults.

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I am starting the new year with clean closets in my quilt room. I stayed at it all day yesterday, even put on a new ironing board cover.

Today this gets sorted.

K-Mart had these on sale for $9. I bought 2 with large drawers and 2 with smaller drawer. I may need more if I can find a place to put them.

The scraps will get sorted using
Quiltville's scrap system

Thanks Bonnie, I see many scrap quilts in my future.


  1. I am so PROUD of you and how fast you did this... What a way to start the New Year friend... and soo cute to have your kitty as happy as you! Looks super...

  2. Come on over to my house! I'll even bake a coffee cake. Or buy chocolate. You name it!

    And bring your assistant. Looks like good help.

  3. Very nice - too bad they don't stay organized isn't it? I had all my fabric and scraps fairly neat but I noticed the other day things are getting messy again!

  4. You are inspiring me to do the same thing!!!!