Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If it Keeps Snowing Just maybe

I'll complete my organization of the sewing room.

Today they have been begging people to stay off the roads unless it is really necessary. With the snow we received yesterday and another 1" or so last night the roads are a mess. It was 24 degrees then the sun came out melted just enough on top of the ice to really make it a real hazard today. So I am being a good citizen today and staying home.

In between sewing session I have been cutting scraps into manageable blocks, sorted by size.

1.5" and 2" in this drawer:

2.5" & 4.5" go in this drawer:

3.5" & 6.5"

5" & 10.5" here:
The 10.5" will be used for quilt backs.

All size triangles are here: You get the idea,
Fat quarters and larger scraps are color coded in these drawers, I have 3 of these, I picked up on close out for $7 each,they fit perfectly under my cutting table. I have a tiny room so every inch has to be used, and of course the ironing board has center stage at all times. Today I decided to dig into the pile of scrap strips, the best way I know of to organize them is to use them up.
So I started making string blocks.
Fastest way I know of to use strips and they can always be used in charity quilts. Usually though the pile doesn't seem to diminish.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hey, that's looking good!

    I'm staying in and sewing, too; you've inspired me to get a little organizing done, as well.