Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cross eyed Chicken Pin Cushion

I found myself in need of a quick gift,for my friend Pam, I had about an hour to come with something, and get ready, this is what I came up with Doreen Speckman's Chicken Pin cushion.

I found a few orphan blocks that just happened to be the right size, actually you can make these any size,
I had to play with it awhile to remember how it went together.
As I recall, we use to fill these with rice, running out of time, (I hate to be late) ran to cupboard oooops out of rice,but I had popcorn, dumped in the popcorn and sewed her shut.

Then a gift bag, this one happened to have Buggy Barn advertising on the front, which is not a bad thing, if the gift had been for a quilter I would have used it as is. Pam does not sew, so decided to cover it, I pulled out some wonder under and covered the logo.
All in all, she turned out kinda cute, even with her cross eyes, and the recipient was pleased.
How many quilters remember Doreen?

She was a creative, innovative quilt teacher and a comedian, I never missed a show when she appeared on "Simply Quilts"

A Quote from her obituary reads: "Doreen created her first quilt with the anticipation of the birth of her daughter Megan. From there she began a career in quilting which included: authoring two books in quilting, teaching quilting classes for thousands of people over the years and gaining worldwide fame for her off beat sense of humor and entertaining style. She led quilting tours and cruises to all corners of the world, touching the hearts and inspiring quilters along the way."

Doreen died while on a quilting tour in Ireland 1999, she was 48.

I have her first book "Pattern Play" and refer to it often.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I've got one of those chickens! My friend and I made them a few years ago. I LOVE your idea of using the orphan block, tho-- that's genius. Lucky friend you have!

  2. I love that pin cushion!
    I remember Doreen, I have her peaky and spike templates.
    And I remember the quilt Ruth McDowell made of her!
    Lucky friend you have, I am gong to have to remember that bag trick!

  3. I got behind in my blog reading and missed a couple of your post...I did catch up. I love the pink quilt...can't wait to see it. Yes I remember Doreen. I saw her on Simply Quilts also. Your chicken pincushion is great!!!!

  4. Very cute little chicky pincushion. I have a similar one made with log cabin blocks.

  5. I never had the pleasure meeting Doreen Speckmann, but have met many that have. It becomes obvious that Doreen had impacted people deeply. Ruth McDowell's "Sliding Goddess" is a great piece. I believe that it is making an appearance at the Binghamton University NY Art Museum in September this year, 2009.