Wednesday, January 9, 2008

French Roses Finale'

Signed, sealed, and delivered,

I should say and washed.
I took photos before it went in the washer, but neglected to take a photo after washing.
I delivered it to the shop yesterday in the middle of a snow storm, and I forgot to take my camera. When she displays the quilt I will get a photo. Mary was really pleased with the outcome, so was I.

Happy Quilting!
PS I have been asked about the pattern. It was taken from this wonderful magazine,
Quilt Pink the magazine is full of eye candy for quilters with directions for 9 scrappy projects.

Quilt Pink all about supporting breast cancer research.
If you can find it add it to your quilting library.


  1. Man, I need this quilt!!! Guess I'm just hungry for spring--- beautiful.

  2. Love it .... it's gorgeous! Makes us all long for summertime when the roses start to bloom.

  3. I want to come over and wrap up in can I ??? It is beautiful!

  4. That is simply lovely! I'm glad you quilted it; I'm always much more interested in a finished quilt at quilt shops than in the top only. Very cool!

  5. It's lovely! Did you mention the pattern you used? I'm assuming it's raw edge applique. I've been wanting to try some on the longarm and have a couple books - I need to jump in and give it a try.

  6. Heloo, Your quilt is very ,very nice.