Thursday, January 3, 2008

Making Lemonade & French Roses

Another sampler wall hanging finished for the quilt shop. I used 2 packs of 5" charms, called Strawberry Lemonade a new line of fabric from Moda.

The French Roses quilt is coming along nicely, I have all 25 blocks finished.
This is another of the sample quilts I am making for the quilt shop.

This has been a fun project to work on, I can hardly wait to finish this one.
After it is completed it gets thrown in the washer to rough up those raw edges..then it will really have that shabby chic look.

I enjoy going into my sewing room now that I have the fabric stash under control. It really bugged me that it was such a mess I don't why I didn't take the time to straighten it up sooner, I guess I needed a new year.


  1. My, have you ever been busy! Glad to know you like your sewing room again :) Can't wait to see the French Rose after the washing. C U again soon...

  2. Oh, man, those are beautiful. I'm envious of you getting to play with new fabrics and patterns, especially on someone else's dime--so cool that you get to make the quilts that everyone will look at, and you'll get to take them home, eventually! I haven't made it over to All About Quilts yet, but I'll have to make the trip to see your artwork! Nice job!

  3. I love the French Rose!!!
    Thanks for taking the award! From the look of it, your blog IS a treasure!!