Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Three for Tea

Three for Tea, a "Perkins Dry Goods" pattern

A Moda Fig Tree jelly roll.
I bet you are tired of hearing about this jelly roll, but I am surprised how far it went.

I did finish the binding yesterday while at the hospital with my friend Marge.

This was my first attempt at a scalloped border, it was surprisingly easy. I just needed to cut the binding on the bias, and when ready to stitch down it just rolled into place. I see more scalloped borders in my future. I think it really adds a finishing touch. So often the borders are so plain.

This morning I whipped up this little table runner out of the leftovers. Part of "Three for Tea pattern. It still needs binding, that will get done after I return from my water aerobics. I am really reluctant to go this morning as the temperature has dropped over night to 14. But the sun is shinning and it looks like a beautiful day. I'm afraid if I let the weather stop me I would be able to find an excuse everyday.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow, Janet..beautiful work...I love the scalloped edges. I can't wait to get my jelly roll. I am not sure how long it will take me to unroll it, but after visiting here, I am sure it will not take long!

  2. Your quilt and runner look so nice! What a great job you did on the scalloped border!

  3. Janet,
    I love the fabric and great job on the scallops!

    Celine Perkins

  4. Never get tired of hearing about them. I've never had a jelly roll--- completely intrigued, just never gusty enough to order one...Love the jelly roll bag....

  5. Great projects! I especially love the scalloped border, and I think you should do a tutorial on your blog so we can all learn.