Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scary 24 hours.

I planned on finishing the "Three for Tea" binding last night. I like to do my bindings in evening while watching TV.

I was about sit down when my dear my friend Marge called, to say she wasn't feeling well. I quizzed her about what was wrong, she informed me her left arm was hurting and she was kinda scared.

Kinda scared, my goodness that is a sign of a heart attack.

I told to call an ambulance, and I would be on my way. She refused to call an ambulance, said it wasn't that bad. (In hindsight I should have called them.) I told her to stay put I would be there to take her.
She said she didn't want to bother me I was so far away, I live a whole6 miles away. She guessed she could just drive her self. Again I told her to stay I was already in the car on my way.

She was admitted to the hospital after a lengthy time in the ER. She did not have a heart attack, turned out it was just a warning. Her blood pressure was sky high, which she was not even aware of, 152/101. She is 76 and avoids going to the doctor like the plague. Maybe she will now.

Today they ran several tests, and had her do a stress test. Good she just called to say she could go home as soon as the doctor came in. So I will be taking her home soon.

Thank goodness she is okay.


  1. Wow, that is scary. I am glad that she is o.k. She had better stay on top of that blood pressure.

  2. You are a great friend--- probably saved her life....tell her she owes you one of her grandkids or something.....Bless you.